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08 May

Three Little Pigs by max

Three little pigs built a house from brick. An evil enemy was trying to break it and he was called  Darth Vader and his Storm troopers. The three little pigs were stuck the Jedi’s  came to help. The three little pigs ran to the next house it was made of chocolate. But when they were there it melted . So they ran to the next house it was made out of  sweets. they stayed it but the Storm troopers destroyed the house made of sweets. Finally the Jedi’s robot R2 D2 electrified them all it was no match for Darth Vader.


2 Responses to “Three Little Pigs by max”

  1. Willow Class says:

    Hello Max,
    We really liked your 100ch. Although you could add some more description to your work such as the next house was made out of mouth watering chocolate instead of just saying the next house was made of chocolate. We also liked the way you used Star Wars so Darth vader was the big bad wolf.

    From Octavia and Jazmin.

  2. Max s mum says:

    I like your story. Darth Vader is always so scary so it would be good to describe him so you could scare people . What happens next ?

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