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05 November

Grandma Stories

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05 November
04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story

One day there was a boy named Ryan he had £100 to spend and he wanted a playstation he found one on eBay for £77.93. however his dad recommended buying one off Argos for £150. They had a conversation one day about which playstation they should get . Eventually they got the one of eBay and a game too. A day later it arrived at his house and he started to set up his new playstation and he put his game in and It didn’t play it just sat in there . He said ” hmm I’ll eject it and try again ” he got the game out and it was in a million pieces he was upset so he unplugged his playstation and plugged it in again. There was a small explosion and loads of smoke poured out of the playstation  Ryan now was really upset at that moment his dad came into the room and said “Well I told you Ryan and you can save up for another one yourself.” Then about a month later Ryan saved up just enough money to buy the one from Argos for £150 and his dad bought him two games for saving all that money. THE END
Moral: always be bothered
04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story

There once was a man called Jeff. He lived in a little village in America. All he he wants is a mansion and forty-two thousand bars of gold. So he asked the Godess of  Gold for what he wanted. His wish was granted. He was delighted!
After a few days he realised he was no happier. He in fact was more miserable. He said to his son, his daughter and his wife ” I don’t like all these wealthy things, I want to get rid of them” His family was horrified. They decided to leave him and live somewhere else. So he went back to Godess of Gold. He told her that he wanted to not have this wonderful wealth in his life. His wish was again granted. “I did warn you that it wouldn’t bring happiness.”said the Godess of Gold.
Again after a few days he realised that he was happier without all that wealth.
The moral of the story is to not be greedy.
04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story DD

Freya and Ruby
Once up on a time in a land far away lived 2 best friends names Freya and Ruby. Freya is a 10 year old girl who loves dancing followed by Ruby. Ruby is a 9 year old who hates dancing but love unicorns. They are a good pair the pair of them. They go to the same school named St Margrets, and they NEVER fall out. Until Today.
Ruby was playing with her other friends. The game was called unicorns. Freya wanted to play with her but she hates unicorns. That is because it is all a bit babyish, so she just went on the computers instead. The next day Freya caught up with her other friends and started to chat about Ruby. Suddenly, Ruby heard her. She got so upset in fact she spoke to the head teacher.
The head teacher is called Mr Scerry. ( Mr Scary! )
” Hello Ruby,” he said with a smile.
“Hello Ser, I think I’m being bullied,” she cried.
“Oh No come here and take a seat. Now who do you think is bullying you?” He asked.
“Well my best friend Freya has started to make fun of me with the yr 6s.”
Meanwhile Freya has started pass notes saying( Ruby is such a baby. )
One of Ruby’s best friends caught her and quickly told Mr Scerry.
Ann knocked on the door and spoke.
“Excuse me sir, I have been passed this not about Ruby. I got it from Freya.”
“WHAT?” Questioned Ruby, as she started to sob louder and louder.
“Please can you two stay here whilst I get Freya.” He asked.
“Of course Ser,” said Ann, as she gave Ruby a huge cuddle.
“Don’t worry, I’m sure you will be fine.”
After 5 minutes Mr Scerry came back with Freya and sorted her out.
He asked Freya why she had passed notes around the class.
She said that she was soooo sorry and gave Ruby a nice cuddle.
The next day they played together and said…
“We Are Best Friends!”
Moral = Always be the kindest you can be
04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story MH

One day there was a Guinea Pig and a Hamster.The other day the Hamster,who was called Jack.Jack was a competertive person and he really liked sports.That same day the Guinea Pig,who was called Harry,Harry didn’t really like sports. The next day Jack told Harry to race him round the garden so Harry said”OK”then he said”when”
“In two weeks time” replied Jack.So Jack didn’t even train because he thought he was going to win eventhough Harry was training all two weeks.Finally the day came of the race so Jack zoomed ahead and Harry just jogged it was a mile and a quarter to go and Jack had all ready don a quarter but when there was half way to go. Soon Harry found Jack out of breath next to a tree so Harry went into a sprint and won the race.
04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story LD

They were two twins called Ariana and Jessie. Ariana was very good but her twin sister Jessie was very bad child wanted everything of Ariana’s.
“Mum,Dad can we have a phone please.” Said Ariana and Jessie.
“Ok but ” said Dad
“Thank you thank you Daddy. Said Jessie
” I was going to say if you pass the test tomorrow you can have a phone.” said Dad.
“Bed Time girls ” said mum.
“Night Mum and Dad.” Ariana said in a happy way.
“Night.” Said Jessie in a bad mood.
Then Ariana and Jessie went to Bed. The next morning Jessie did not wanted to get up and Ariana was studying for the test today.
“I hope I pass.” Ariana though in her head.
Beep beep that was the so Ariana and Jessie both wanted to pass but Jessie did not study do you think she will pass. That eveing Ariana and Jessie came with the test. Mum and Dad opened the letter.
“Oh my you passed Ariana.” Mum happily said.
“Oh no Jessie didn’t pass Oh no.” Said Dad in diserponit ment.
So Ariana got a phone and when the next test came up Jessie studded and passed so she got a phone.
The moral is: study hard and you will pass.
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