Class 4, Edward Richardson Primary School

Serving Tetford and the surrounding communities

04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story

One day there was a boy named Ryan he had £100 to spend and he wanted a playstation he found one on eBay for £77.93. however his dad recommended buying one off Argos for £150. They had a conversation one day about which playstation they should get . Eventually they got the one of eBay and a game too. A day later it arrived at his house and he started to set up his new playstation and he put his game in and It didn’t play it just sat in there . He said ” hmm I’ll eject it and try again ” he got the game out and it was in a million pieces he was upset so he unplugged his playstation and plugged it in again. There was a small explosion and loads of smoke poured out of the playstation  Ryan now was really upset at that moment his dad came into the room and said “Well I told you Ryan and you can save up for another one yourself.” Then about a month later Ryan saved up just enough money to buy the one from Argos for £150 and his dad bought him two games for saving all that money. THE END
Moral: always be bothered
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