Class 4, Edward Richardson Primary School

Serving Tetford and the surrounding communities

04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story LD

They were two twins called Ariana and Jessie. Ariana was very good but her twin sister Jessie was very bad child wanted everything of Ariana’s.
“Mum,Dad can we have a phone please.” Said Ariana and Jessie.
“Ok but ” said Dad
“Thank you thank you Daddy. Said Jessie
” I was going to say if you pass the test tomorrow you can have a phone.” said Dad.
“Bed Time girls ” said mum.
“Night Mum and Dad.” Ariana said in a happy way.
“Night.” Said Jessie in a bad mood.
Then Ariana and Jessie went to Bed. The next morning Jessie did not wanted to get up and Ariana was studying for the test today.
“I hope I pass.” Ariana though in her head.
Beep beep that was the so Ariana and Jessie both wanted to pass but Jessie did not study do you think she will pass. That eveing Ariana and Jessie came with the test. Mum and Dad opened the letter.
“Oh my you passed Ariana.” Mum happily said.
“Oh no Jessie didn’t pass Oh no.” Said Dad in diserponit ment.
So Ariana got a phone and when the next test came up Jessie studded and passed so she got a phone.
The moral is: study hard and you will pass.
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