Class 4, Edward Richardson Primary School

Serving Tetford and the surrounding communities

04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story MH

One day there was a Guinea Pig and a Hamster.The other day the Hamster,who was called Jack.Jack was a competertive person and he really liked sports.That same day the Guinea Pig,who was called Harry,Harry didn’t really like sports. The next day Jack told Harry to race him round the garden so Harry said”OK”then he said”when”
“In two weeks time” replied Jack.So Jack didn’t even train because he thought he was going to win eventhough Harry was training all two weeks.Finally the day came of the race so Jack zoomed ahead and Harry just jogged it was a mile and a quarter to go and Jack had all ready don a quarter but when there was half way to go. Soon Harry found Jack out of breath next to a tree so Harry went into a sprint and won the race.
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