Class 4, Edward Richardson Primary School

Serving Tetford and the surrounding communities

04 November

Class 4 Grandma Story

There once was a man called Jeff. He lived in a little village in America. All he he wants is a mansion and forty-two thousand bars of gold. So he asked the Godess of  Gold for what he wanted. His wish was granted. He was delighted!
After a few days he realised he was no happier. He in fact was more miserable. He said to his son, his daughter and his wife ” I don’t like all these wealthy things, I want to get rid of them” His family was horrified. They decided to leave him and live somewhere else. So he went back to Godess of Gold. He told her that he wanted to not have this wonderful wealth in his life. His wish was again granted. “I did warn you that it wouldn’t bring happiness.”said the Godess of Gold.
Again after a few days he realised that he was happier without all that wealth.
The moral of the story is to not be greedy.
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